Re: [rumori] Macintosh: DVD question

From: Pan (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 08:43:58 PDT

I wouldn't call them stupid (There's that Steev thing of tearing people
down ;) I would say that they have been very slow in making the archives
available to your average web user. It seems they were originally geared
for video professionals (i.e. people with huge bandwidth, professional
decompression tools). Perhaps they didn't realize there would be a
following of culture jammers who would want immediate, easy access. I
could tell that was the situation the first time I logged on the site.
The layout was really confusing, and not very informative. The recent
changes to the site were spurred by comment from people like us. So,
perhaps we should keep at them to get on the ball.


On Monday, June 4, 2001, at 11:03 AM, Steev Hise wrote:

> unfortunately the archives are for members of the list only.
> that's stupid. these prelinger people are just stupid. i am
> less and less happy with them every day.
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