[rumori] PLU is to ___ what Aphex Twin is to Kraftwerk

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 14:41:42 PDT

Mon, 4 Jun 2001 found Vicki Bennett writing:

>Sorry, just moaning away, wasn't I. Just a bit fed up with being
>compared to other plunderphonic/culture jamming groups when all we
>have in common sonically a lot of the time is that we appropriate
>sound, so it's a question of technique more than subject matter. OK,
>now I've gone the other way... we DO have stuff in common but it's
>like saying that Aphex Twin sounds like Kraftwerk.

It's odd that you make this complaint about technique vs
subject matter, vicki, when my original comments were all
about subject matter. I was talking about the use of source
material, which in a big way IS the subject (as well as an
object). I wasn't comparing the sound at all. (In fact I was
talking about video). I mean, c'mon, my list included a
metal band....

This may be delving into a tangent, but anyway, I don't
care if you're Oliver Stone or Craig Baldwin or Chiat-Day,
if you nab the same source material, people are going to
compare you, automatically. Once you mess with a
recognizable and specific bit of culture, you're
automatically starting from the same place as someone else
messing with the same bit. OF COURSE what each artist does
with it means there's a whole lot of possibilities for how
it turns out in the end. But there will always be that
common ground. That's just how it is. it's the other edge
of the blade that is cultural re-use. Unless you sample
something very indistinct (like an unidentifiable shot of
some generic object) or process it beyond recognition, but
then you dull that blade - you dont have as much of the
power of the signifier that you've appropriated.

Oh and by the way Aphex Twin DOES sound like Kraftwerk. He
sounds more like Kraftwerk than, say, Wagner. Just out of
curiousity, who would you LIKE PLU to be compared to?
(and you're not allowed to say nobody. EVERYBODY says
nobody. Well, I guess you're allowed, but I'm just saying
that's nothing new. read any interview of anybody and if the
interviewer tries to make any comparison people usually deny
it. unless it's trendy to drop the name, then they're all
over it. "oh yes, i'm glad you said that, i grew up with
Stockhausen's records, ah yes...")


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