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From: Pan (
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 16:48:09 PDT

On Tuesday, June 5, 2001, at 06:04 PM, Steev Hise wrote:

> Mon, 4 Jun 2001 found Pan writing:
> ->No, but it may be a front end for one. If not, it should be. With Web
> i really doubt it already is even a front end. once the data
> is in a real database it's so easy to have much better
> functionality than what they have on their site. (the
> prelinger movie archive). why just dump it out as a flat
> list?

True. If it were, there would be at least a bit more form and usability
to it. I'm wondering if the server is their own or if they're renting

> Imagine if you could search and sort by: subject, time
> period, director, actors, "plot", characters, film stock,
> length, type of shot (tracking, panning, etc), date and
> place of first screening...
> ah well. keep dreaming, steev.

Actually, it wouldn't be to far off. The first thing would be a data
format that has info storage built into the file. MP3 has tags. So does
Quicktime. We would also need the ability to script the creation and
querying of those media files. Quicktime movies (of any codec) are

I'm building a small media database for my business and radio show using
Applescript, Frontier and Quicktime. The movies have chaptered tracks.
You can pull down a menu and skip through the recording. They also have
data storage (author, description, running time... some 20
attributes).These tracks can be queried by Applescript for cross
-referencing. I hit a technical stumbling block with the recent QT5
release. That has been taken care of and the movies are now being
re-encoded with the tracks. Everything will be searched/served by
Frontier. It's definitely a lightweight setup, but it similar to what
you describe.

> but seriously, people - we are deluged with information more
> and more. it will only get worse. the people who lead us
> through the flood in the most efficient manner will be our
> heroes. the curators and the database architects and the
> interface designers.....

Ha, that includes you and me :)

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