Re: [rumori] the simple and post-modern

From: Colin Hinz (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 00:37:30 PDT

Steev Hise recently wrote,

> have you actually never heard of it before? i seem to
> remember you mentioning you were in college and were taking
> some art classes or something. did no one mention
> postmodernism in these classes?
> try this:

Better yet, read the on-line paper written by Larry Wall, instigator
of the perl computer language. I believe the title is something like
"Perl as a Postmodern Computer Language." It's a marvelously lucid
piece of writing, something elementary and important which has been
absent from every single friggin' thing published by the academic
community on the subject. The farce ensuing from Sokol's clever prank
was, I had thought, a fitting indictment of what appeared to be an
absolutely worthless miasma of academic bollocks.

Wall's article changed my mind -- I understand now what the academics
blithely thought they were expressing.

- Colin

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