RE: [rumori] Bricollage on TV

From: \(c\)\(P\)ee ("\)
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 10:07:57 PDT

> has anyone seen "Junkyard Wars" or the original show it's
> modelled on in the UK, "Scrapheap
> Challenge"? They sound pretty cool, tho not being a TV
> watcher I can't say for sure... basically contestants
> have to build something (like a powerboat or a cannon) from
> whatever they can find in a big pile of junk. of course it's
> a "specially constructed" pre-prepared pile of junk, but
> still, the general theme is great.

I have seen that on the BBC on occasion. I thought it was
a nice idea, but it couldn't grab me for too long. Now maybe
if you like to watch somebody assemble a motorcycle or something
it might be nice, but to me it was too boring... I admit my
attention span is about 30 seconds.

I think they created this program when they discovered "Robotwars"
was quite popular (or at least that's what it seemed to me). The
difference is that with Robotwars you don't get to watch the
contestants building their robots, you just get to see the robots
fight with other robots... Apparently my attention could span that
a little better.

But still the idea is great. Reminds of a colleague who used to
walk around with a briefcase made out of empty soup cans..

It also reminds me of last year, when friends of mine moved in
Rotterdam. All the furniture and stuff they didn't want to take
with them they just placed on the sidewalk and interested people
would just walk by and take it away.. Instant recycling.

-- (c)(P)ee

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