Re: [rumori] re: sony execs create fake news critic

From: king wilson (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 19:55:11 PDT

>From: Taylor McLaren <>
but one sort of has to wonder: who exactly will these
>"substantial fines" be paid to? Who exactly has been harmed if a critic
>that doesn't actually exist is said to have really liked something? I mean,
>is somebody out there honestly going to come forward and say that they feel
>cheated out of their twelve bucks because they went to see "Hollow Man" on
>David Manning's say-so

   Not to mention the fact that they completely re-interpret the meaning of
living, breathing reviewers. I don't remember what recent movie it was, but
the studio changed the quote from "Majestically Boring" to "Majestic...."
  Isn't that the same as fabricating a review? And that's an accepted
practice in hollywood

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