[rumori] pho: No more analog TV?

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 06:18:35 PDT

Forwarded by Negativland.

>Research & analysis of certain FCC (Federal Communications Commission) data
>and policies. (The party who shared this dialogue requests anoniminity.)
>My original query was:
>>I have a question. Our composer grapevine has indicated
>>that the FCC, in a matter of a few years, will cease to require local
>>television stations to broadcast analog over the air (so to speak) as a
>>condition of their FCC licenses. In other words, at some future point, a
>>station will be able to chunk their towers and transmitters and rely on
>>cable-carried and satellite distribution. Do you have any word-up on
>(This is enormously significant, considering that a network full-feature
>pays about $1290 on a Saturday night, and an HBO full-feature pays $107
>current difference between a "broadcast' and 'cable-carried' royalty. Now,
>some insight into what might be coming:)
>>The FCC expert wrote:
>Your description is partially correct. And, this is a huge thing --
>we are old enough to remember what a big deal UHF TV and color TV
>was. Well, DTV (Digital TV) will be even bigger. A very tough
>transition for the nation into an unknown, but probably very
>peculiar, future.
>In 2006 all analog [TV] broadcasting in the US is supposed to cease,
>unless a substantial portion of the population has not yet bought a
>DTV receiver or box or computer video card capable of picking up DTV.
>Whether or not some analog TV continues after 2006, it is believed
>that much of the population will be watching DTV and not analog TV by
>that time.
>TV will not be exclusively via cable and satellite. Over-the-air
>kitchen-foil antenna TV will continue, but the signals will require a
>DTV receiver. New facilities and towers will, in some cases, have to
>be constructed. The receivers are widescreen $$ and there are quite a
>few DTV types. Right now it is confusing to the consumer.
>Many stations are transmitting DTV now but the real business case has
>not yet been worked out. It is a very expensive transition for TV
>stations -- but they browbeat the government into requiring this
>transition, so they got what they wanted and now aren't sure they
>like it.
>Sound reproduction in DTV is far beyond what we are used to, and
>there are multichannel capabilities, so broadcast music will be more
>important than ever.
>DTV stations are on different channels than the existing stations.
>Each analog station has been assigned another channel for DTV.
>Check http://www.dtvweb.org for propaganda.
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