Re: [rumori] Fwd: [aus_emusic] today on pirate TV.. Shannon ONeill and Jaan Ranniko

From: shannon o'neill (
Date: Sat Jun 23 2001 - 22:50:25 PDT

hi steev

yes AEST = australian eastern standard time = GMT+10

the live netcast happened just a couple of hours after
i posted the announcement, however it will be archived
soon at

it was a lot of fun - took me a while to get comfortable
with the equipment as the studio is a gear-strewn front
room of a house - but it was a very relaxed environment.

i doubt that any of my comments on copyright/sampling
would surprise anyone here, but they were in the context
of a recent debate on the aus_emusic list in which i was
surprised by the strong pro-copyright position of some
australian electronic musicians.

but the highlight for me was working with filmmaker jaan
ranniko. we're old friends from film school and have worked
together on projects before, but this was the first time we'd
'played' together and we're keen to do more of it, as we both
use a combination of cutup found material and relatively
organic electronic textures.

here's a list of the music played (title ~ artist ~ release ~ label)

going into space ~ john watermann ~ these are workers ~ alias frequencies*

1000 bambis ~ size remixed by shannon o'neill ~ v/a dislocations ~ zonar

listening to my records ~ john watermann ~ dummyhead ~ nightshift

meshugganah (dub) (dub) ~ fourplay remixed by shannon o'neill ~ v/a digital
manipulation ~ fourplay

absolutely free ~ plenum ~ cynical semiotics ~ alias frequencies*

thoughts flash ~ wual ~ wake up & listen ~ alias frequencies*

gsd ~ plenum ~ v/a communication problems ~ vibragun*

children speak backwards ~ wual ~ wake up & listen ~ alias frequencies*

having a ball ~ wual ~ wake up & listen ~ alias frequencies*

dry dub ~ shannon o'neill ~ v/a jaunt ~ clan analogue

let the dead bury the dead/grilled smurf brains/the picture ~ shannon
o'neill ~ minimal/liminal ~ alias frequencies

tastes like wood/i like you/parsons' eyes/old man drivel ~ wake up & listen
~ mustard keanu ~ alias frequencies

without harm ~ rik rue ~ voice capades ~ alias frequencies*

untitled 19 ~ vorkapich ~ amnesic archive ~ alias frequencies*

the great cornholio ~ wual ~ wake up & listen ~ alias frequencies*

* forthcoming release.



steev wrote:
>oh dear. this has either already happened, or will happen
>time confusion. even after using they
>have no "AEST" listed.
>hey shannon, is AEST = GMT+10? by your email headers it
>looks like it.
>If so, i think this is happening at 8 pm california time. i
>but, if it's the same as Australia/NSW time, then it
>happened already, at midnight. hrm.

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