[rumori] copyright question

From: Erick Gallun (gallunATsocrates.berkeley.edu)
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 23:18:41 PDT

Here's an interesting question:

On my label's website, we have an MP3 Gallery. It contains songs
that contain samples. At the top of the Gallery, I have written the

                                "Here you will find a wide selection
of Ovenguard and
                                Omnimedia clips in .mp3 format. We
hope you will enjoy
                                listening to them and possibly even be
inspired to use them as
                                the basis for your own music. They are
entirely free of
                                copyright and may be used in any
manner you see fit."

If someone sampled a part of one of the songs that contained a sample
for which I have paid nothing and gotten no permission, I could do
nothing - I've given that right away above. Nor would I want to do
anything. However, if that person were then sued for using the
sample (let's suppose that other person's song became widely
distributed and found it's way to the offices of the originator of
the sampled sound)...what difference would it make that I had written
that little sentence?


erick gallun
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