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It's time once again for the latest news and information concerning
Detritus.net and related artists. You're receiving this because you
signed up for it or you've shown interest before. If you don't want it
anymore, there are instructions on removing yourself at the end of this

Detritus site news:

- The front page "Recently" section is being updated quite a bit more
frequently now (a couple times a week or more) with links to relevant
events and articles from around the web, as well as the latest additions
to the Detritus site itself. This is due to the addition of a
convenient email-to-web gateway, which has made it much easier to update
the front page. So come back often to see the latest information
regarding recycled culture, whether it's the most recent legal attempt
to squash artistic appropriation, or a new piece of software for
collaging media.

- It's now very easy to help out Detritus.net with a donation via credit
card, thanx to PayPal. With the California electricity crisis it's
certainly not getting any cheaper to keep the server running. So if
you'd like to contribute, we'd greatly appreciate it. See

- Detritus is presenting a regular monthly night of electronic music
performances in San Francisco, as well as miscellaneous other happenings
in the Bay Area and beyond. Most of these are being carefully
documented with photos, mp3-formatted sound recordings, and perhaps in
the future even the occasional video clips. See
http://detritus.net/events for this documentation and information about
upcoming events. The next show features Christopher Willits
(laptop/guitar) and Eric Glick Reiman (prepared electric piano) on July

- Detritus Anti-Ads Server: What are those strange banner "ads" on the
bottom of each Detritus.net page, you may wonder? Has Detritus sold
out? No, look closer. These are not ads, buy *anti-ads*, a pointed
critique of internet marketing ponzi schemes, and we make it easy to add
anti-ad banners to YOUR pages. There are dozens of artists and
designers who have contributed banners to the project, and as near as we
can tell (though we don't watch that closely) there are now
approximately 50 sites that use the Anti-ad Server. Check out
http://anti-ads.detritus.net/mission.html to join in the fun!

Detrivore News:

Newest Detrivore:
 Recently Detritus.net began hosting pages that were previously removed
from the Net because of Mattel Corporation. These are pages presenting
the work of artist Tom Forsythe, who is in the middle of defending
himself against a lawsuit alleging that his "Food Chain Barbie"
photographs are infringing on the intellectual property of Mattel. Tom
has the help of the ACLU and one of the top intellectual property firms
in the U.S., and Detritus, for its part in hosting his work, has managed
to retain pro-bono legal representation from the Electronic Frontier
Foundation in the event that we also invoke the toy-maker's wrath.
Because of legal details, Tom's site has not been made public yet, but
watch out for more news on this front in the near future, at

 Just recently placed online is the 2nd in a series of mp3-only Wobbly
"releases". This one, the Freddy McGuire Show, documents his work with
a truly unique chanteuse. Download or stream the tracks at
  Upcoming Wobbly live appearances:
  August 2 - The Chopping Channel at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, with
Don Joyce, David Wills, and Peter Conheim
  August 16 - new drone pieces at the Luggage Store Gallery (SF)
  September 28-Oct 4: Festival of Appropriation in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. see www.soundunseen.com
Steev Hise:
 Steev recently performed at the Big Sur Experimental Music Festival.
See a video clip from this set on his video page,
 Upcoming live dates:
  September 27-31: Steev has been invited to speak about Detritus.net
and perform in Newcastle, Australia at the Electrofringe Festival.
However, the festival cannot afford travel funds, so it's unclear still
whether he will be able to make it. If you'd like to help Steev spread
the Detritus meme to down under, you can make a convenient donation by
going to this URL:

  October 1-4: Festival of Appropriation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. see
www.soundunseen.com. Steev may play possible other dates in the Midwest
after the festival.
Escape Mechanism:
 The media-collage radio program "Some Assembly Required" has moved to
K's AM dial, in the Twin Cities (now on Saturdays, 4-5PM), and is being
syndicated by stations in Chicago and Monticello. An updated website is
in the
works. www.some-assembly-required.net The show continues to be netcast
radiok.org, at its new time.

 Escape Mechanism will play in the First Avenue Mainroom, as part of
Perfect," an electronic music showcase, July 23rd, in Minneapolis.

 A new sound piece by Escape Mechanism will be presented as part of the
Factory's "Shafted Sound," on the evening of July 28th, 2001.

 September 28-Oct 4: Festival of Appropriation in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. see www.soundunseen.com

People Like Us:
 The first monthly internet radio show "People Like Us Presents" went
online on 5th July at http://www.totallyradio.com

 New links - a couple of online PLU sets: The LMC 10th Annual Festival
(terrible recording but it wasn't really like that)
http://www.l-m-c.org.uk Follow links on the Warp Records website for the
PLU Nesh DJ set and also a leetle video clip of PLU/Matmos and Felix
Kubin at this year's Sonar, http://www.warprecords.com/warp/

Evolution Control Committee:
ECC collaborates with Dead Voices On Air on new release
Continued work on "Plagiarhythm Nation" (new ECC full-length CD)
Continued work on "Default's Greatest Hits" (in gamma phase)
ECC to host Friendly Persuasion net radio show 8/6/2001 for Bank Holiday
ECC in Bizarre Magazine (6/2001 and 7/2001)
ECC/EBN summit in August on future collaborative work
see http://evolution-control.com

Wet Gate's half-hour debut video release, THE PSYCHIC FLOCK, is now
available for sale. Email infoATwetgate.net for details.

September 28-Oct 4: Festival of Appropriation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
see www.soundunseen.com

Related Artists:
The Jet Black Hair People will perform at the Pacific Film Archive in
Berkeley, CA on 19 September 2001. Watch:
http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/pfa/filmseries/index.html for calendar

Negativland will be carrying a "bootleg" reissue of their nefarious,
banned "U2" single for sale within 4-6 weeks. "These Guys Are From
England and Who Gives a Shit" is an album-length CD compilation which
charts the evolution of the infamous U2 release, from early live and
radio versions to post-lawsuit material from the Music For Lawyers
live tour, including the actual banned tracks themselves. All of the
material except the single tracks is previously unreleased. Put out
by the Seelard Records label (seelardrecordsATnetscape.net) it will be
carried at http://www.negativland.com/nmol/mailordr.html once the CDs
are provided to the band.

That's all for now. Thanx for your interest and support.
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