[rumori] Panic Now with PLU

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 14:30:32 PDT

Hi People,

It has become necessary to print one last mailout for the next couple
of months (promise) because after just harping on about it being a
lazy summer with nothing going on (except sneezing) it all of a
sudden became the busiest month of the year. Lordy. That'll learn

25 July 2001: Totally Out Of Tune Featuring DJ/live sets by:
PLU, Mark Webber and Chris Gladwin + The Mick Beck & Stephen Grew Duo.
AT The Welly Club, Beverley Road, Hull, UK. 9am - 2pm / 3 on the door
More info from HTBA: tel: 01482 216446 / fax; 01482 589952

4 August 2001 : Just confirmed: PLU Live set AT Ocean Club Anniversary
at WMF Club, Berlin http://www.wmfclub.de - more details of time etc
on this site shortly.
10 August 2001 : PLU Live internet set on Groovetech, 10pm-midnight -
GMT. Please visit the PLU chatroom while this is on or ICQ us
London schedule page: http://www.groovetech.com/londonschedule
Broadcast homepage: http://www.groovetech.com/broadcast
Groovetech realplayer live link is posted at
Groovetech studio email is: londonstudioATgroovetech.com
14 August 2001 : PLU DJ set at 93 Feet East in Brick Lane, London
7.30-11pm. More details at Law and Auder
http://www.lawandauder.co.uk. Come along and drink beer and stare at
each other, it's very nice there apparently.
Middle of August 2001: PLU Live and DJ set (2 consecutive nights) in
Moscow - check http://www.peoplelikeus.org/whatsnew.htm for details
31 August 2001 : "SCHHH..." - another night out at the V+A Museum,
Line up includes sets by Richard James, Rob Hall (Skam), Ovuca
(Rephlex), People
Like Us DJ set with Semiconductor visuals, Hazard (Touch) with Touch
visuals, VVM,Cassette Boy, Duplo, Fat Cat Split Series DJ set, DJxDJ
and errr... and some more too... 6.30-10pm. Tickets from V+A box
office, Rough Trade, Smallfish - 7.50 in advance and concessions on
the door for 5.
28 September 2001 : PLU at Electrofringe/This Is Not Art
http://www.electrofringe.org) (http://thisisnotart.org) in Newcastle
and also a
date in Sydney, Australia - more details coming up... Also in the
festival will be Steev Hise (http://www.detritus.net) and hopefully
The Evolution Control Committee - to be confirmed...
(http://evolution-control.com ). Plunder Power!!

OK, that's it. Thanks and sorry all the buses came too late.

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