[rumori] Invitation: Come perform live at WCBN Ann Arbor MI

From: Chris Stecker (csteckerATovenguard.com)
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 10:09:41 PDT

Hi Analogues, Snugglers, Omnimediartists, and Detrivores

In addition to being an analog nut and
experimental/industrial/abstract/techno musician, I'm a freeform DJ at the
U. of Michigan's student-run radio station, WCBN-FM (www.wcbn.org). The
time is coming for us to propose shows for the fall semester's schedule,
and I'd like to get together a specialty show focusing on live electronic
music, performed in-studio. The focus will be on electronics of all kinds,
so techno is fair game, but so is ambient, noise, industrial, sample
collage, etc. Laptop music, circuit-bending, and (especially, IMO) analog
synthesis are all encouraged.

Performances could range from live-band sets to improv jams, with the
possibility (for those interested) of participation by other folks at CBN
(we have a group of 4-5 DJ's that perform or produce such stuffs, and would
love to jam with visitors). WCBN offers the following:

         -homey acommodations (familiar to college radio types, I imagine ;-),
         -an extensive music and sound library for live sampling/plundering,
         -a spacious live studio, with ample set-up and take-down time,
free of beer-swilling crowds
         -gear including large-format console, Dj setup, and
protools-equipped G4 in main production studio
         -smaller production studios for submix or large collaborative setups
         -friendly electronics- and emusic-savvy engineering staff,
         -an intelligent, interested listening audience
         -great beer, good pizza and good coffee nearby in beautiful
downtown Ann Arbor, approx 35 miles west of Detroit.

What I need now is a list of artists interested in performing in this
venue. Locals especially, but also anyone willing to make the trip from
wherever you are located, please email me. The show will be scheduled in
the evening or at night, subject to scheduling decisions that are not mine
to make, but please also let me know, in general, convenient days and
times, and if you know about certain dates you'll be in the area, that's
great too. It's a non-paying gig, but we will do whatever we can to make
the trip easier (buy beer and a meal, arragne a ride from the airport,
possibly help tracking down couch-like or hotel-like accomodations) Also,
while I don't have any connections (yet) for such things, if you're
interested in arranging a live performance in a nearby club during the same
trip, we'll do what we can to help (WCBN does occasionally promote concerts
for fundraising, though that's not my department).

Let me know. This could be the start of something very fun.


Chris Stecker, Honcho
Ovenguard Music


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