Re: [rumori] the beatles

From: Lloyd Dunn (
Date: Thu Aug 09 2001 - 15:01:51 PDT

haven't heard this, but i do know that apple corps sued apple
computer at one point for infringement when the computer maker put
music-making abilities into their machines. apparently it's legal for
2 companies to use the same name as long as they are not in the same
market. (the upshot being that apple corps lost or settled, and that
they are as protective of their IP as any company.)

another wrinkle, jackson doesn't own rights to the beatles'
recordings; only to their sheet music rights (if i understand
correctly). the publishing and copyright on each subsist separately.

and keep in mind that musicians are seldom as litigious as the
lawyers they hire. jackson reportedly found the plunderphonic cover
design 'hilarious' (could be an apocryphal story, though) and the
members of U2 reportedly didn't have any problem with Negativland's
recording bearing that name (again, as i understand it).

>I'm wondering if anyone here has any insights on the following:
>I've heard vague reports that using Beatles samples is absolutely
>not allowed (as in, even were you to go through proper channels,
>there's still not a chance in hell), but I don't know anything
>else... or why that supposed fact is "common knowledge."
>Who says No? Did Lennon? Has McCartney? Is it Ringo or Harrison? What does
>Jackson have to say about it, and doesn't it ultimately end up to be
>his decision? (He owns the catalog, no?) Or is it up to someone else
>who I'm not factoring into the equation?
>About to do an episode of SAR where it's everybody sampling the
>Beatles and I want to at least spread the right RUMOR.


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