Re: [rumori] Court dismisses Mattel suit against Tom Forsythe

From: illegal art (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 09:30:18 PDT

>Here's some really good news.
>Today I noticed one of the sites hosted by has
>been getting LOTS of traffic for the past few days. Over a
>million hits! The site is Tom Forsythe's
>, which is a home for his photos
>of Barbie, subject of a 2-year old lawsuit by Mattel.
>It turns out all this web attention is due to the fact that
>a U.S. District Court judge has DISMISSED the case, saying
>"Forsythe's rights to free expression held more weight than
>the company's trademarks and intellectual property
> rights". yes!!
>here's one of the many pages reporting on it:

this is great (and reading the article it looks like mattel has a history
of losing these cases). i'm curious, though, how much this cost him in
legal fees? with (what seems to me) more and more IP disputes emerging are
there reliable probono sources filling these needs?

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