[rumori] Re: [plunderphonia] 6996 unFairness (was unrareness)

From: Peter Lopez (pl1xATearthlink.net)
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 11:39:07 PDT

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From: Steev Hise <steevATdetritus.net>
> I know the story was that he was trying to clear
> all the samples. This would neccesarily have to
> involve most of the major labels, if not all.
I guess I misunderstood somewhere along the way and I thought that pfony was Mr. Oswald's company which was working for one of the big record companies. Was there anyone actually attempting to get the rights to other songs or was this all pfony info also. Was/Is pfony just a 'name'. Can pfony actually produce a document prooving that any artist actually said it was ok to use their work for the appropriate fee? That would be interesting if some artists just started sending in legal agreements that it was ok to use their stuff.

>I WAS outraged when the early rumors and
>then announcement went out that clearances
>WERE being sought.
I'm questioning how I too would react, i liked the story that they were trying to work with the 'man' but then realized it was impracticle. (maybe if i was aware of this whole senario when it was playing out i too would have been questioning their decision to work with the 'record industry' in the beginning) so they took their wares elsewhere. but if it turned out that they never really tried. whatever. the stuff still sounds "good".

> Plunderphonics is more about "the piece
> establishing its acoustic individuality than it is about my
[or your]
> extramusical concerns,"
Peter A Lopez

btw People Like Us & V/Vm this friday V+A Museum, London.


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