[rumori] Chopping Channel 2nd Live Appearance

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 11:21:19 PDT

of course Wobbly, who is in this group and on this list but
can't be embarrassed with self-promotion, hasn't mentioned
this. hey wait Don is too. I guess they think all the huge
posters all over town will be enough promotion (with (tiny
text) "members of" (large text) "NEGATIVLAND" printed

i should say that i attended the first one last month and it
was very nice. probably one of the best,
widest-frequency-range sound systems you will experience.

anyway, here is the info:


DNA LOUNGE 375 11th St.
8:00 PM doors/9:00 PM show


plus DJ sets by:
and other visual and sonic interruptions

The Chopping Channel is the ongoing collaborative project of Wobbly
(General Injectables and Signals, Inc.'s signature musical artist),
Don Joyce (Negativland) and Peter Conheim (Wet Gate, Mono Pause,
Negativland). Past guests of the program have included The
Weatherman, Yasuhiro Otani and People Like Us.

The Chopping Channel is dedicated to the proliferation of chopped-up
music and sounds of all shapes and sizes, geared towards a Buying
Public that's simply too busy to listen to music the "old way"
anymore. Volume discounts abound as music from our special blender
is tortured beyond recognition, repackaged for easy handling, and
presented to YOU in any manner of configurations.

This week will also provide astute social commentary from such
notable public figures as Dr. Harold Camping (of Family Stations,
Inc.), as well as bringing you all the up-to-date news headlines
sweeping the shopping/chopping nation. The Weatherman will NOT be
with us tonight, due to his ever-increasing demand in the digital
cable TV installation realm. He sends his regards.

Those of you in outlying areas such as Howland Island, Outer
Bulgravia and Southwestern Depend may view and hear a high-quality
web cast of the event, should technology allow it, at

It has also been brought to our attention that a few items should be
clarified as relates to this exciting evening:

1. NEGATIVLAND IS NOT PERFORMING, contrary to what some have been led
to believe.

2. "Kit" Clayton will be doing a DJ set, not performing his compositions.

3. Admission price at the door will be $12 before 11:00, not $15 (as
stated in the DNA Lounge newspaper ads). $10 advance tickets without
service charge are still available at:

blasthaus - 155 tenth street from 10-5pm http://www.blasthaus.com

BPM 573 Hayes Street

Housewares 1322 Haight Street

4. The Chopping Channel performance is a much better bargain for your
evening's entertainment than Laurie Anderson's show on the OTHER side
of town, at a mere $10/$12 ticket price! DON'T LET THIS GO BY!

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