[rumori] Australia here we come

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 10:42:25 PDT

Electrofringe 2001 : 26 Sept-1 October

Electrofringe is an annual festival of digital, hybrid, electronic
and new media arts, now in its fourth year. The festival provides a
series of workshops for young and emerging new media artists, and
critical forums examining the state of new media arts, technology,
and screen culture both within Australia and globally.

It will once again bring together an amalgamation of new media
makers, web artists, gamers,tech-heads, electronic music-makers,
online writers, designers, activists, audio-visual makers, culture
jammers and film and video artists.

Electrofringe is part of This Is Not Art (TINA) which occurs
annually in Newcastle, New South Wales. TINA also includes Sound
Summit, the National Young Writers Festival and the National Student
Media Conference.

People Like Us and some other familiar names will be participating in
Electrofringe, part of the This Is Not Art Festival in Newcastle,
NSW, Australia at the end of this month. Some of us are then staying
on for other gigs in other parts of Australia.


28 Sept : NEWCASTLE Mission : 8-11pm
Spanky (NSW)
Scientifically Speaking w/ Irene Moon (USA)
Steev Hise (USA)
Evolution Control Committee (USA)
People Like Us (UK)
Antediluvian Rocking Horse (VIC)
Wake Up And Listen (NSW)
Sweden (NSW)

29 Sept : NEWCASTLE PAN Building Upstairs : 2pm
Audiovisual Masterclass : A presentation of the work of People Like
Us, followed by a Q&A session. Duration: approx 2 hours

2 Oct : SYDNEY Opera House : Electrolab : 8-11pm
Veren Grigorov & Robbie Avenheim (laptop, sampler & viola)
Kim Moyes, Jeremy Barnett, Scott Saunders(vibes, marimba & synthesisers)
Matt Hoare, Kim Moye playing the "Thwopper"
Toy Death
People Like Us
David Shea
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