Re: [rumori] enjoyable...
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 14:54:16 PDT

a good point - when I was doing the weekly live improv media collage on my radio program, I spent a LOT of time looking for samples, but now I pretty much only pick something up if I'm reasonably sure the subject matter matches some theme I'm currently working on...


> I spend at least 10 hours every month in thrift stores, library
> sales, and going to other cities to explore their thrift stores.
> I collect videos, tapes, and sometimes records, so I can have
> a library categorized by theme.
> However, no one who responded thus far does a weekly radio
> show like I do. When you have 3 hours every week to fill with
> found sound, it's nice to have unique sounds to fill it with.
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