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September 27 - October 1
Newcastle, New South Wales

Electrofringe 2001 will once again bring together hundreds of
local and international media makers, audio-visual creators,
electronic musicians, gamers and just plain digital trouble
makers. Following on from the last three years, Electrofringe
2001 will focus on issues of copyright and intellectual property.

Electrofringe is the electronic media contingent of the larger
This Is Not Art festival <http://thisisnotart.org> which includes
Sound Summit, The National Young Writers Festival and The
National Student Media Conference.


Electrofringe has expanded this year to include several
international participants:

Mark Gunderson (USA). Founder of The Evolution Control
Committee and an experimental musician and arts organizer,
focusing on recycled/assemblage audio and arts and technologies.
The ECC is infamous for all sorts of pranks, including utilising
Napster for hilarious results.

Vicki Bennet from People Like Us (UK) blurs audio and video
to make a surrealistic and humorous blend of monotonous yet
strangely captivating brain durge.

Andy Cox (UK) is a founding member of Together We Can Defeat
Capitalism. An environmental engineer, he uses his skills to annoy
large corporations. He also perplexed many an art goer with his
fake Whitney Biennial website. At Electrofringe, he will relaunch
his Citybank site, currently down for legal reasons.

Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon (USA) blurs the lines
between science, music and performance art.

Steev Hise (USA) is a cultural worker based in San Francisco
who chews up old media and spits out new art. He founded
Detritus.net, probably the most well known web source about
recycled culture.

Other international guests at This Is Not Art this year include
Hrvatski (USA), Mad Professor (UK), David Shea (Belgium),
Fat Cat Records (UK), Anticon (USA), The Wire magazine (UK),
DJ Mr King (UK), Jimi Chen, DJ TY and Vince Chung (Taiwan).


Each night, Newcastle will erupt with sounds and visuals you
won't catch anywhere else. Over 180 performers will make this
Australia's largest ever electronica and hip hop event.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT (September 26)

Opening night launch party.
8pm: Mission Theatre: (Free!)
Featuring mellow sounds from DJ Mr. King (UK), Betaville
Orchestra, I/O, and Sub Bass Snarl amongst others.

Audio Visual Exhibition
A/V Warehouse: (Entry By Donation)
oniKa, Dj Bleak, iOnic, Goku, Craig G, Psychenaut, Throbgoblin,
Phat Ali, Anomaly, Phreaddee & Anthony Russell.

THURSDAY NIGHT (September 27)

8 - 11pm: Mission Theatre: ($6 at the door):
Perimetric Halo with Minit, Magmafinder & Pimmon.
Kazumichi Grime, Lalila, Coklacoma, Julian Knowles, Snawklor,
Lux Mammoth, Hydatid, Pi, A,B'n'C, Bruce Mowson, Seo,
Valley of Death.

Clan Analogue, Surgery, Couchblip Labels Showcase:
10pm-5am: Cambridge Hotel: ($6 at the door):
Prop, B(if)tek, Pretty Boy Crossover, Deepchild, Sobriquet, Thug,
Disco Stu, Gordon Finlayson, Nerve Agent, Telemetry Orchestra,
5000 Fingers of Dr T, Superscience, Modula, Bloq, Robokoneko,
Disjunction Reunion.

Art Wars: Hip Hop Strikes Back
CBD Hotel: ($8 at the door)
Terminal Illness, Terra Firma, Cannibal Tribe, Blades of Hades,
Brad Strutt and Solemon Kleptoe, DJ Mathematics, Robotech
vs. Stawn Break Crew, DJ skooby and Scottie B, Bric A Brac,
MC Andre, DJ Armee, DJ Maniak.

Audio Visual Exhibition
A/V Warehouse: (Entry By Donation)
Scoobie, Scotty B, Peter Hall, Gordon Smith.

FRIDAY NIGHT (September 28)

8pm - 11:30pm: Mission Theatre: ($15 or PASS):
People Like Us (UK), Evolution Control Committee (USA),
Steev Hise (USA), Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon (USA),
Wake Up And Listen, Antediluvian Rocking Horse, Spanky,
Sweden, JG.

Hip Hop Jam and Electro/Breaks/Drum n Bass
10pm - 5am: Cambridge Hotel: ($10 or PASS)
Massive Oz-Wide Hip-Hop-Electro jam, Elefant Traks showcase.
Two Dogs, DJ Soup, The Bird, Explanetary, MC Brad Strut,
Jonny Phive, Crazy Baldheads, Reference Point, Upshot, pH,
Mark Pollard, Phonkubot, Cindii, Sonik Professor, Patrick HAF,
Bleepin J Squawkins, Pylonz (NZ), Vtek, Sulo, Monkfly, Maladroit,
Fangle, The Herd, 8-bit, The Alphatown Collective, MC Ozi Batla,
DASE Team 5000, The A.L.F., Groovy D.

All-Ages Hip-Hop
Palais Royal Youth Venue
7 - 11pm: ($7 - All Ages)
Terminal Illness, Terra Firma, Clear Opinions, Bric a Brac, FUN Q,
Phonetic Experiments, DJ Mathematics, Bladez of Hadez

10PM - 3AM: Hunter on Hunter Hotel: ($2 Entry or PASS)
Syndicate, Aftermath, Memetic, Hedonist + Epsilon, DJ Mark N

Audio Visual Exhibition
A/V Warehouse: (Entry By Donation)
base electro(n), cybernetik, dark organics, decoder, deprogram,
dumk and goony, onika, pharmaceutical essentials, sawtooth,
Sound Wave Generator, throbgoblin, Z Pyramid

SATURDAY NIGHT (September 29)

8 - 11:30pm: Mission Theatre: ($15 or PASS)
Anticon (Dose One, Sole and Jel - USA), Curse Ov Dialekt, TZU,
Music Vs Physics, Celcius, 13th Son of December, Macros Matrix,
Jade Nemesis, Dr Phibes, Blaze, DJ Armee, Mako, Speed, Frost.

Vitalbeat 2001
10 - 5am: Cambridge Hotel: ($15 or PASS)
DJ Patsan & Electrofunk, Nubreed, Richy valenz, Chris calm,
Auxilary, Dj janak, Skooby + Bred, Tom obrien, Clone, Meem,
Dj Gary Bynon + Brownie, Luscious Lorna, Outpost Uncorporated.

Audio Visual Exhibition
A/V Warehouse: (Entry By Donation)
DJ Supermarket, Soon, Tonsil Cheesecake, The Torture Table,
The Dreamtime Brothers, Transcendental Headache, Mighty Mac,
DJ Mad, DJ Fallout

SUNDAY NIGHT (September 30)

Urban poets jam + Undercurrents (Taiwan)
7 - 11pm: Mission Theatre (Free!):
urban poets jam, Undercurrents (Taiwan), SIZE (last ever show!)

Internationals Gig
10pm - 5am: Cambridge Hotel ($25 or PASS):
Mad Professor (UK), HRVATSKI (USA), David Shea (Belgium),
Stinky Jim (NZ), DJ Mr. King (UK), Jimi Chen & DJ TY (Taiwan),
Fat Cat Records Sound System (UK), Kog Transmissions (NZ),
Nasenbluten (last ever show!), Ubin, Blastcorp, Sub Bass Snarl,
DASE team 5000, Downtown Brown, Pivot, DJ smallcock, Sugar,
Paul Abad, philasophigas, Ollie Olsen, Ganga Giri, Organarchy,
Andrew Till, Raven, DJ Krusty, House of Pagan Christians.

Audio Visual Exhibition
A/V Warehouse: (Entry By Donation)
base electo(n), deprogram, phreaddee, The Dr., Throbgoblin,
Z Pyramid

MONDAY (October 1)

All Day Chill
8am - all day ... : Mission Theatre: (Free!)
Nod, Quark Kent, Purdy, Betaville Orchestra, Phunkenbubble,
Echelon, DJ Trip, Wagga Space Programme, Chindogu,
Pseudo Sound Project, Magnus Music, Kundalini.

There is a weekend gig pass set at $45 that will get you into all
of the gigs on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This bargain ticket is strictly limited to 500 tickets (due to venue
size limits). And these tickets are already selling fast. There are
less than 250 for sale online and the rest will be distributed to
some stores later in the week (stay tuned for details). Don't miss out!

They are now available online for $49 (incl $4 booking fee) from:



2001: Then and Now
A look at how our present was imagined 34 years ago. Archimedia
presents the future as seen by the corporate imagination, using
examples from the late '60s and early '70s, particularly in terms of
the techno/rave subculture and the anti-globalisation movement.

Toy Satellite (Melbourne) and Eyedrink Collective(Taiwan) present
Undercurrents: an audiovisual techno spectacular. Originally produced
for the Taipei International Arts Festival.

Hip hop on Film
Wave Twisters (music by Q bert) & Scratch, the story of Hip Hop.
Plus La Prochaine Fois by Neotropic.

Works chosen for their subversive approach and playful tactics in
challenging notions of art, censorship and copyright. Includes several
leading installation, net and media artists - see <http://electrofringe.org>
for details.

Plus all night Anime Screenings, LDTV, Experimental Short Films,
Mu Meson Archives Film Extravaganza, and more.


This Is Not Art also includes more than 200 workshops, panels,
talks, and masterclasses. Electrofringe is providing over 50 of these,
with such alluring titles as:

Patcher Paradigms
The Political and the Absurd: Humour in Sampling
My Darling, My Centrifuge
Music Video Production Workshop & Screenings
AutoMatic Documentary
Dr Sonique Presentation
Anne-Marie Schleiner presentation
Money for New Media Artists
Fluid Transmissions
Celine Bernardeau Presentation
Wet Dreams Made Solid
The Intellectual Property Wars
Audio Interactives
Copyright Showdown
Introduction to jMAX
Video feedback
VJ tools for the PC
VR - utopian futures or just another game?
Boxes With Knobs
Websound... the state of the arts
People Like Us - Audiovisual Masterclass
NOT Culture Jamming
Culture jamming: Art or Activism?
Flash for Visuals
Spookyville Presentation
VR - 12 Months On
Computer Game Music: past, present and future
Mark Dery Web Linkup
Lumiere Concrete
VJ tools for the Mac
An introduction to 5.1 audio for musicians and sound designers
Anime and Visual Culture
Online pranks
Codecs, Compression, And Video Discs For Live Visuals
Napster Nuggets
Impact of technologies on mental health
Copyright And The Image
Social Disorientation
Andy Cox Citibank Launch
Girls and Gaming
Innovative Curating
Is The Global Village Growing?

For the full programme check out



For all media enquiries, interviews, bios etc, contact
Joni Taylor
Electrofringe coordinator

For all other enquiries, contact
Shannon O'Neill
Electrofringe coordinator

Phone/Fax +61 2 4927 0470

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