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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 08:48:09 PDT

Wed, 12 Sep 2001 found Jon Leidecker writing:

>I'm going to sound insanely naive here, but you know, even as recently as
>15-20 years ago, manually cutting two disparate media sources into each
>other onto new media seemed like an inherently political act, the

or even non-manually, i.e. "accidental collage".

you're not sounding naive at all, jon. this is something
that i keep talking about but it needs to keep getting

>associations it would send off just automatically short-circuited all mass
>media credibility, if only for a moment there was no way to stay asleep
>through it. I'm sure the people on this list hear me, although this does
>sound increasingly quaint;

it's sad that it's quaint, isn't it. not so long ago
Burroughs was writing of his belief that tape and text
cut-ups could actually change the fabric of time and space
itself (see 'The Invisible Generation' and 'The Electronic

it happens with every innovation in culture, sadly. look at
abstract expressionism, once such a radical gesture, now
used to decorate corporate boardrooms.

>and turntables are as ubiquititous as guitars. Now, it's clear that
>thoughtlessly chosen juxtapositions are even MORE numbing and
>stasis-inducing than the worst of any decade's previous mass media culture.

I don't know if that is clear. i would go so far as to say
AS numbing, at least. but you may be right.

The thing is, Life itself is a Collage. which is one reason
i think collage is so compelling as artform. As the mass
media and the "global village" has become more and more
prevalent in our lives, the granularity of the
"life-collage" has increased. (in other words, the edits
come more often and more obviously.) which is one reason why
collage has become even more compelling as art form over the
last 100 years.

but there have always been thoughtless juxtapositions. think
of innapropriate music set to great lyrics, or vice versa.
the challenge has always been for a few thoughtful people to
make the thoughtful juxtapositions. i believe the
difference between now and "previous decades" is only in

life is a collage. sometimes it seems to be a random blur of
unrelated events. other times it seems to make sense or have
a pattern. many times even when it doesn't have a pattern
people look for and invent patterns in it. same with
collage, and the creators of collage - some seek only to
duplicate and amplify the dizzying barrage of sensory data
that is reality. others seek to make sense of it, and show
others the sense of it, as they see it. that's art.

>The 'unmediated' response that humans have to music

don't you mean the response that humans have to 'unmediated'

>can't be charted, and we all know it's compromised and
>altered by recording it. We all know this as if it's
>obvious, but now that 'live' music involves
>pre-recordings, I have to remind myself ten times a day
>about this 'simple' fact. Now that our work involves
>pre-recorded music, a very simple truth about the
>experience of music is becoming somewhat obscured by our
>new working methods.

Jon i would love it if you would elaborate on this. what is
this 'very simple truth'?

thanx for such a thoughtful and well-said post, btw.

>damn you, steev, you turdly spoilsport. now she done know, before I done
>converted to NTSC or anything. vicki, you no read this.

PAL. they use PAL in england. we use NTSC.



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