Re: [rumori] Re: pho: LAT: Time Has Come

From: king wilson (
Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 14:55:21 PDT

>From: Don Joyce <>
>The one, single, and universal cliche that emerged even as the tragedy
>unfolded was blurted out by EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, regardless of class,
>status, or intellect - "It looked just like a movie." Like nothing else I
>can remember, the look of this event was BOTH a complete surprise and yet
>immediately and utterly FAMILIAR.

   Ya know, I had a very odd experience with this because the night before
the attack, just before I went to bed, I had spent about 3 hours watching
the DVD of Fight Club which features (*SPOILER*) the destruction of 6
building in New York. The director's commentary about the final scene was
really interesting, and I started obsessing over it, even going so far as
watching the destruction frame by frame. The special effects guy had spent
an entire year doing nothing but that 15 seconds worth of falling debris,
and I have to say that it is REALLY realistic. Why I chose that particular
night to study a movie that I have seen many times before, I don't know.
  Waking up the next day to turn on footage of the WTC collapsing was
bizarre, to say the least......

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