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From: Joerg Piringer (e9225678ATstud4.tuwien.ac.at)
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 02:55:19 PDT

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From: Lydia Grün <lydia.gruenATstudent.hu-berlin.de>
Date sent: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 09:25:41 +0200

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"musiknetzwerke" and "underscan records" invite you to take part in an
experimental project that tries to show how a networked based
structure influences musical composition, exchange of data and ideas.

"musiknetzwerke" will be an event taking part at the Humboldt
University of Berlin to discuss and show how networks have influenced
the astethics of musical compositions. (dated 03.-06. october 2001)
lectures, panels and concerts will feature different aspects of "music
net works"

therefore we´d like to ask for your participation:

if u would like to join please send one sample of what u think
represents ur work and a short text on how u work and what u think the
internet (or other networks) have influenced you in the way of
composing music.

after the entries have been send back the samples will be put online
for the participants to download and to create a new muscial
composition from these samples --> exchange of data/networking

a mailing list will be started for the time of the remix experiment to
get an insight on how the music develops, what techniques are used and
how people interact with eachother.

at the end the project results will then be featured and discussed at
a "musiknetzwerke" panel called "netzwerkpartituren" (4.oct. 2001|
will be streamed online!) entries (depending on how many people take
part) will also be featured (with infos on artist etc.) on a special
cd rom.

please send the sample to mailATunderscan.de (re: remix project) the
final compositions should not exceed 1 min. length. final call for all
compositions is the 2. october 2001

since it is not really much time left, we suggest to sent entries
(samples etc.) as soon as possible. also for us to know how many
people we can expect to take part.

thank u in advance for ur interest.
if this doesn´t concern u we´re sorry for crossposting...

mark :)


ps: please crosspost to other music related mailing list to help gain
more participants!

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