[rumori] crop circles

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Sat Sep 29 2001 - 18:14:14 PDT

Go see this season's English crop circles (at least look at August!) at:

It only gets better, the highest visual art of any kind currently being
made in my shaky opinion.

Totally anonymous, no artist credit claimed after over 10 years of circle
making. A monsterously HUGE amount of them have appeared by now. (check the
prior year archives for that)

Made in the dark and appearing over one night in all cases. Those made
during specific nights of heavy RAIN are particularly mind boggling!

Land art that is seasonaly linked to earth's natural cycles and made in our
human food supply. (and so temporary - farmers generally hate them,
consider them vandalism, and mow them down quickly to keep the public from
trudging in to look.)

Obviously made to be viewed from THE AIR which is the ONLY way they can be
taken in as total designs.

Totally avoided by traditional art criticism or appreciation due to the
association with persistent paranormal overlay claiming ET origins (I
believe cultivated by circle makers as part of the unique psychological
aspect they want to be a definite part of this very public "esthetic.")

The first art to ever consciously attempt to AVOID human attribution, and
it has actually SUCCEEDED in doing so by displaying unbelievably large and
complex results at times that actually make the question relevant!

No circle maker has EVER been caught in the actual act, (this has been
going on since the early 90s at least) though many blokes are always
camping out looking for them.

I stopped thinking they MIGHT be some kind of ET stuff when the designs
began to become highly symetrical, a series of multiple variations on
geometric themes. All too typical mechanical drawing (and human art) stuff.
The early 90s were typified by much more enigmatic simple circles and
various "glyphs" that appeared more unfamiliar as having any recognizable
"purpose," but possibly like kinds of "writing", diagrams, etc. I think
they blew the paranormal aspect when they moved on to the decorative
designs which now predominate, yet it is THESE, at least the humongous
ones, that most often appear utterly impossible for mere humans to make in
the dark during one night. I just love how it all remains balanced on the
edge of believability no matter how you look at it.

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