[rumori] institute for transacoustic research

From: Joerg Piringer (e9225678ATstud4.tuwien.ac.at)
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 16:34:46 PDT

the institute for transacoustic research

(now available in english)

iftaf is a platform for the ear training arts/sciences and auditory phenomenology. it explores the
borders between acoustics and their tangential realms: science and art, everyday life and
research, sound and noise, tone and light, acoustic and other modes of perception.

by permanently changing the auditory angle and continual reinterpretation of the manner of
hearing, the borders of the acoustic and the audible can be expanded beyond the threshold of
perception. reacquiring the capacity for goal-oriented listening breaks open socially-induced
functional deafness and expands the acoustic horizon.

the paradox of transacoustics can be found in that the transacoustic, per se, withdraws from
definition, presenting something that, quite possibly, is not.

this department could be of a special interest for members of rumori:

the department for kleptoacoustics works with new uses and interpretations of acoustic material.
outdated copyright regulations which forbid the free use of foreign sounds are thereby ignored.
analogous to the fine arts, free collage and reworking are used as methods.

i hope you like it

audiovisualinteractivepoetry: http://joerg.piringer.net
iftaf: http://www.iftaf.org
build your own universe: http://www.myzel.org
widerstand: http://www.volkstanz.net
widerstand: http://www.gettoattack.net

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