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Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 08:48:33 PDT

Tue, 9 Oct 2001 found illegal art writing:

>i am preparing an info sheet for journalists etc. rather than insert just
>one name for this so-called genre of music i want to list the whole range
>of tags that are applied to the music we make. i dislike some of them, but
>i like the notion of putting all of them into one string.
>here is what i came up with so for...
>sampling/plunderphonics/recombinant sound/collage/
>any others? i know something must be slipping my mind.

this is a good idea and a good topic. here's some more
buzzwords. i dislike or consider innacurate most of them,
but that's how most genre tags are. anyway:

sample-based composition
audio piracy
recycled culture
recycled sound
trash art
musique concrete
found sound
culture jamming
media manipulation
cut and paste
copyright infringement
copy culture

(i guess some of these havent been used too often to
describe music but may have been applied more to other
forms like film and visual arts.)

by the way, here's a little essay i wrote which appeared in
the program of the Sound Unseen festival that just took
place in Minneapolis ( ) last week:

it addresses some of the concerns I have about labelling
this sort of art practice.


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