[rumori] People Like Us news Autumn-ish 2001

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 04:58:26 PDT

Hi People

Firstly thanks to those that came to the Electrofringe/This Is Not
Art Events at Newcastle Mission/Sydney Opera House in oz in the past
couple of weeks, and thanks to Shannon O'Neill for making it possible
for a live plagiarism event to happen.

First a link to a show that PLU, The Evolution Control Committee and
Irene Moon did on ABC while in Sydney. We recorded a chaotic fart
and screaming session with a good injection of Napster Nuggets and
loud bits for Brent Clough's Show "Other Worlds", and it is online
for just 3 more weeks so listen before rather than later.

A few dj sets and gigs coming up -

Thursday 18 October

At the very nice Public Life bar near Spitalfields next week.

Come and spend a penny, with special toilet dj sets by
PLU, Joana, Ned and a live laptop set from Optic...

Number Two in our series of benefit gigs for Public Toilets.
Britain's public toilets are becoming an endangered species and we need to
raise awareness within London's youth about how beautiful these spaces
really are.

Here's some words from the BRITISH TOILET ASSOCIATION:
"Britain's public toilets were once the envy of the world.
In recent years, significant numbers of public toilets have been closed down
We need more and better toilets ... Let's stop the rot!"

Public Life
82a Commercial Street
London E1
Tube: Liverpool Street, Aldgate East
Adjacent to Christchurch Spitafields (on the sidewalk, down some steps)
We will gather at 20:00 hrs and for 5 hours, through music, will
rejoice the forgotten beauty of British Water Closet. Many thanks to
Ned for his dedication to all things toilet and for providing these

Saturday 27 October

dj set at
The Welly Club, as part of Hull's Deep_ROOT Festival http://www.root2001.org
Also on the bill, Mark Webber and Chris Gladwin
11pm-2am 105-107 Beverley Road, Hull

Some new PLU video work will be get a UK premiere as part of the
D-Fuse evening the night before this (26th) at the Ferens Gallery,
Queen Victoria Square, from 7.30pm

Saturday 17 November

live audio/video set at Contact as part of
A festival of sonic pleasure and audiovisual arts
13-18 November 01. Venues across Manchester


4hero. aficionado. aj. alder & elius [detroit]. battery operated
[melbourne/montreal]. bedouin ascent. ben davis [paperecordings]. bent.
the big chill. binary being. blood & fire sound system. bola. coldcut
with assistance from outerbongolia. comae. crass. dan dwyer [block
lodge/mo wax]. daniel weaver. d-fuse. digs n woosh [diy]. fadima
[inbred]. gescom. headfunk. icarus. involve records [new zealand].
james barren [crazy penis]. jason boardman. jayne compton. jeff k
[paris]. jenny marketou [new york]. kaffe matthews. ladytron. laura b.
light surgeons. lost weight [paperecordings]. luke vibert. m3 [san
francisco]. mark rowlands. mark thomas [channel 4]. mark turner
[orbit]. marko peljhan [slovenia]. martin brew [j-walk]. meam.
moonboots. most wanted records. nadine andrews. neotropic. onedotzero.
people like us. pete lawrence. philip jeck. project cuts. rankin joe
[jamaica]. ravi deepres. sand. spencer hw marsden. steve barker. team
doyobi. thought universe. truant. ultra-red [los angeles]. veba.
volkmar klien. wauvenfold. metropolis by arrangement with primary
international present zero 7

contact box office ++44 (0)161 274 0600
piccadilly box office ++44 (0)161 832 1111
festival hotline ++44 (0)161 953 4100

Thursday 13 December

a dj set at
line up:

People Like Us
Lee Grainge
Bit Tonic
Visuals: Waveform

Global Cafe, 15 Golden Square, Soho, London W1, tube: Piccadilly
0207 287 2242
4, concs 3
7.30pm - midnight
licensed for food, alcohol free internet access

visual and audio archive : http://www.globalcafe.net
enquiries tel 0208 568 3145
e-mail: sprawlATbenfo.demon.co.uk

That's about it for now - a couple more things in the pipeline this
year but not confirmed yet.

For up to date news go to http://www.peoplelikeus.org/whatsnew.htm


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