[rumori] Re: plunderphonic jazz

From: Mr. Dingle (electricelfATloop.com)
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 17:03:29 PST

Brian Turner wrote:

> Silent LPs: I dont know if anyone mentioned that I have seen and heard
> (not heard):
> The best of Marcel Marceau
> The Wisdom of Ronald Reagan
> A Tribute to Billy Joel
YES!! I don't know if this was a joke or not but I actually saw a Marcel Marceau

live lp for sale - I made the clerk put it on and it was silence
interjected with laughter and applause. It was years ago and my
memory's kinda hazy but it may've been a 2 record set. I nearly bought
it for the novelty value but it was $25 (which is a lot when you're
young). I got the most wonderful plunderphonic release today - a CD
called "Musiques Paralloidres" by Pierre Bastien on Lowlands (sound
familiar? It should). He prepares record players to play loops in
different fashions (with helpful illustrations on how to set up your
turntable for ultimate loopiness) and plays a chet bakerish / miles
davisish trumpet over... this is one of the weirdest (in it's
straightforwardness) turntable CD's i've heard...

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