Re: [rumori] Phantom Edit
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 18:38:54 PST

"How one "Star Wars" fan nearly fixed the "Episode 1" disaster"
What i don't understand is that these people believe that they know the
Star Wars storyline better than Lucas himself, they continuously forget
that 1/3rd of the storyline hasn't been told yet. How can you discuss a
piece of work with any subjectivity if you haven't seen it or know what
it will be? But if Lucas can make Greedo shoot first why can't the fans
remove a major character... Suppostedly for the "Archive Edition" which
might come out after all the movies are finished, the Luke and Leia kiss
from Empire will be removed. who knows what else is in Lucas's mind.
 personally i'm wait for the "Alzhimers (sp?) Edition".

The most recent group of Star Wars DVD bootlegs on the streets of New
York attribute the Star Wars Trilogy to "BRUCEWILLISD isneyinc."

that aside how do we crack into the DVD website on friday for the second
teaser trailer...

sorry for the rant.
Peter A Lopez

evil destruktobot aleph null wrote

>this brightened my day after reading mister hise's mail (it's not new, but...)

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