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From: Doug Harvey (
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 22:30:55 PST

Mannlicher Carcano recorded an unreleased cover of Cage's 'silent' 4:33
wherein the band loudly and drunkenly counts down from 4:33 to zero. The
plan was to disrupt an actual performance with this rendition, but the work
is, sadly, not very popular in spite of its fame.

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>Subject: Re: [rumori] more kinds of silence
>Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 18:46:37 -0800 (PST)
>Wed, 7 Nov 2001 found { brad brace } writing:
>->* Jliat "Still Life #5: 6 Types of Silence" CD
>yeah i saw a page about this guy and this CD, referred to me
>by the same source that told me about the Rogalsky piece,
>but i didnt think much of it. if you're familiar with the
>way sound and digital audio works, this is all old hat. (Can
>anyone say "Fourier Transform"?)
>but to bring this back home, this reminds me of an idea for
>a IP-infringement prank sort of project that i remember
>discussing with the Evolution Control Committee many years
>ago. I can't remember if whoever was going to do it ever did
>it, but the idea was to release a CD similar to this one
>with very simple strings of numbers on them, and then
>copyright the "pieces". all digital sound would contain
>these numbers so any music would be infringing.
>dumb, but it's the only way i could make this relevant
>again. sorry.
>-> $10.99 "This latest installment in the Still Life series
>->trades the brevity and clarity of the previous two ('Jazz' and 'Rock
>->and Roll') for a rather enigmatic, lengthy, and potentially
>->destructive silence. "One of the fascinating things is that given the
>->medium of CD (16 bit 44.1 khz) you can have upwards of 65536 types
>->silence - all silent but in all the tracks there is different data!
>->As an artist working in this area I find this weirdness intriguing.
>->The permutations of the data are staggering as are the ideas
>->associated in such very minimal works. For instance, by mixing short
>->lengths of these silences, all the other sounds which you can hear on
>->a CD are produced. Given that CDs are *just* numbers other things
>->arise - just the first second of a CD has 65536 to the power of 44100
>->variations - working through these you have the first second of
>->any/all CDs From "My Way" to Beethoven's 5th! However this number is
>->quite large - there are only 10 to the 79 protons in the universe! So
>->although we can "hold" these CDs in our head - there is probably
>->insufficient matter and time to make them all. This (still life #5)
>->continues the series of works made by writing data directly to a PCM
>->file. In this work there are 6 ten minute pieces made by setting all
>->values in a track to the same binary values. There are 65536 possible
>->values in all - and so this number (6) of potentially similar tracks.
>->All result in producing silence - though all these silences are not
>->the same. Pausing the playing of a track will show this to be so,
>->for the data being played is halted and the CD system jumps back to
>->zero - resulting in a click (if the value 'playing' was not zero or
>->near to it). Interestingly this click is heard but is not actually on
>->the recording - it physically doesn't exist! It is the interference
>->of the continuos stream of data which causes the sound. Maybe
>->cosmologically things are created out of similar emptiness, or a jump
>->between two nothings. So each continuous set of binary values will be
>->rendered by the CD player as a DC voltage - which could be dangerous
>->to the electronics and speaker systems in some HI FI Equipment. This
>->is because playing a silence which is based on a very high or low
>->binary value at high volume will produce a high DC voltage in the
>->system. This could cause overheating of speaker coils and other
>->electronics." -- James Whitehead. Edition of 300 CDs in cardboard
>->slipcases. edition . U.S. edition xi
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