Re: RE: [rumori] cd copy protection

From: Ken (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 14:43:26 PST

At 04:26 PM 12/10/01 -0600, Goldilox wrote:
> >> i just bought the new aphex twin cd "drukqs". on the back of the cd is a
> >> note:
> >> "this cd is not playable on computers". suckers! they included this copy
> >> protection shit.
> >> and it's true: the cd isn't _playable_ on computers.
>I'm being told by some that they are playing the US domestic release without
>problem on their computers, and also finding the CDDB stuff after they rip mp3
>- are we talking about a country specific issue here?

I have yet to see a useful report of this first-hand, but I suspect it's case of people foolishly upgrading to newer and more restrictive software (i.e. Windows XP), which perhaps has special features that allow a manufacturer of a CD to just flag the thing as unplayable, and the OS will happily refuse to play it. It's definitely a huge part of MS's business model to institute restrictions like this, so it's consistently a bad idea to upgrade their stuff.

- Ken
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