Re: [rumori] Visual Art Collage / copyright questions

From: Doug Harvey (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 12:26:52 PST


That would be Glenn Brown. Here's a pretty good article by Simon Stokes that
includes images of both the original paperback and the painting derived from

>From: Vicki Bennett <>
>Subject: Re: [rumori] Visual Art Collage / copyright questions
>Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 18:38:07 +0000
>Am pretty sure the same rules apply as with sonic arts. ie if it's
>not in the public domain/expired copyright then someone somewhere
>owns it and in theory may argue a case against you, and the Fair Use
>argument is a possible loophole for collage. But the likelihood of
>someone taking up a case is small unless you're making a lot of
>money/publicity. You can make what you want so long as you don't try
>and put it on the market and it's within the realms of the law. Sort
>of like porn, ha ha
>If it's a big company that you are using art from then they will make
>themselves aware of you even if you're smalltime. For instance I
>remember when Psychic TV made a 12" single in 1987 called Superman.
>The title would have been ok but they used a little picture of
>Superman on the centre of the record. There were only 1000 copies
>and within just a few days of pressing a writ came through their
>front door from DC Comics saying that they would send Superman,
>Batman and Wonderwoman round if the records weren't disposed of.
>However they didn't want to witness or do the destruction themselves,
>they trusted PTV to do this like the responsible people that they
>were :)
>Am crap at remembering names, but last year one of the Turner Prize
>contenders was in controversy because they had copied a science
>fiction picture of someone else and were taken to court over it.
>What made it interesting was that the person they had copied wasn't
>well known. If anyone can remember the artist's name then that would
>be helpful though, wouldn't it...
>Also I've no idea if at the other end of the scale any Pop Art was
>sued for literally reflecting culture - like Andy Warhol. Oh no, we
>are going to discuss Andy Warhol. Let's not discuss Andy Warhol.
>The main point is though, that I've found that so often even people
>who WANT to find your art for sale often can't find it so it's best
>to just get on with it really.
>ps 90% of my art has come from National Geographic magazine, apart
>from the album with the cake with a poo on it and that came from the
>local bakers and a friends dog
>>>I am fairly new to collage, and was just wondering were some of you
>>>find the materials such as objects, papers, photos, books, etc. you
>>>have used in your pieces. Especially if it is a piece you are
>>>selling since copyright is such a big issue.
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