[rumori] I remember when we have NEW music (was "radio boy liner notes")

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 08:44:25 PST

oh god, this thread itself is so NOT NEW. we've even talked about
it on this very list a lot already, with Don using basically the
same sentences, and not that long ago.

Jon and Don, you're both right. I think you're just arguing
semantics. It's a matter of degree. Don's looking at the forest
and Jon's looking at the trees.

Having said that i just have a few orbital comments:

re: definition of folk music - my take on Don's usage of "folk
music" is that it's music that's being recycled. It's entered
public conciousness, it's on the table at the Great Smorgasbord,
and everyone has it to put on their plate... The essence of folk
isn't a specific form or that it's "tradition", it's that it
belongs to us all (in a sense that is deeper than what the law
says) and is there for us to re-use for our own purposes.

and further:

on Mon, 14 Jan 2002 Jon Leidecker told me:

>To me, this music _sounds_ fundamentally different. Maybe this is a simple

what is your definition of "fundamental"? I bet there's almost
as many personal meanings for that word as there are people on
this list.

>it coming). People are growing familiar with sampling not as a
>revolutionary practice, but rather as another expression of
>hyper-consumerism, mere nostalgic repetition. Put Oswald's 'O Hell' or
>John Cage's 'Variations IV' on in a bar, and instead of freaking people
>out, they'll just think it's the new DJ Spooky record. Put Maryanne

people will always mis-identify unknown music they hear. you're
taking the cynical hipster approach to all this, jon. Isn't it
sort of, well, "good", that you now even have a chance to hear
John Cage in a BAR!? Think about it. That means WE WIN.
Or is it not about winning, but the eternal fight?

(by the way, I just noticed a ridiculous back-cover of The Wire
ad for Threshold House - which is Coil, basically, right? It has
this sort of volcanic/new age landscape and a quote in flowery
script: "...the key to joy is disobedience." WHAT? haha. when
i was 17 maybe i would have thought that was cool. but how old is
John Balance now? in his 50s? and he's still rebelling like a
teenager. what a dork. Maybe he should go on tour with Mick

Another optimistic take: why is it that now that hearing 2
records at once is a common auditory experience, that that is now
some sort of bad, sad thing, and an "expression of
hyper-consumerism" or "nostalgic repetition"? Didn't Oswald, in
his original plunderphonic essay, advocate the use of home stereo
systems that would allow this type of listening? When people hear
enough of these juxtapositions at clubs, they'll eventually
realize *they can do it too*, they'll wire up 2 cd players at
once and start experimenting - the END of passive consumption!

I repeat, THIS IS GOOD.

>basic idea you're promoting, that's great. But you're being too hardline;
>if for no other reason than the fact that each generation experiences it's
>advances in music as 'new'. Whenever you start hearing yourself say that
>the kids are simply objectively wrong, a warning bell should go off.

Again, you're both right. Don's looking at the big picture, and
Jon's down in the trenches looking at stuff with a magnifying



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