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From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 17:00:25 PST

Maybe Don has a copy of "Rodeo"?

>My definition of folk music is described in formal and procedural terms,
>and has nothing to do with specific musical structures or content. Folk
>music is a "traditionally based" music practice which is dependent on and
>dominated by COPYING tried and true forms (rhythms, melodies,
>instrumentation, etc.) and then it EVOLVES in the hands of generation after
>generation of individual practitioners. It's not interested in "leaps"
>forward, or thinking outside the box, or creative breakthroughs that leave
>all tradition behind as the avant guard has always been interested to do.
>Folk music takes pride in comforting familiarity, evolving incrementally
>and gradually out of what it already is at all times. New words are put to
>old music and old words are put to new music, round and round, and back and
>forth. Along comes electric guitars and the whole process remains
>unchanged. It is NOT new by design and preference.
>Modern "folk music" is NOT really folk music in this sense (it merely apes
>the sound of the results of the former folk process) because copyright law
>has made folk copying into new works legally impossible now, and "new" folk
>music must be declared completely "original" to get published - which is a
>typically modern sick joke on thousands of years of eagerly and happily
>copied folk music when you think about it. All of a sudden, that's a crime.
>Yet all the copying goes right on anyway, now carefully and suitably
>disguised in it's note for note details to accomodate today's copyright
>technicalities. And so it is with ALL other musical forms today, and
>classical is no exception. The folk, the popular, the classical, the avant
>guard, all of them are now repeating their forefathers (whether they happen
>to realize their own genre's precedents or not) because we have reached the
>end of the line in formal musical invention. It's ALL about
>reinterpretation now - the life-long stock and trade of folk music. Point
>out the 2% of music you think is not doing this today. I don't see it.
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