[rumori] Re: pho: Philips criticizes CD Protection

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 22:35:30 PST

Forwarded by Negativland.

>Janko Roettgers wrote:
>> asked for a translation of that CD protection article, but I
>> found it more interesting to translate the original story as it
>> appeared in the German Financial Times. I'm an awful translator, and
>> I'll shorten the piece a bit, but hopefully I'll perform a bit better
>> than Google :)
>> http://www.ftd.de/tm/hs/FTDZ641S8WC.html?nv=cptn
>> Philips criticizes CD Protection
>> CD inventor Philips estimates that protection measures for audio CDs
>> have no future. Complaints about problems with playing this discs
>> would occur more frequently. Moreover, copy protection would miss it's
>> target.
>> Philips spokesperson Klaus Petri said that his company, holding the
>> world-wide patents for CDs, could actually file lawsuits against the
>> manufacturers of CD copy protection, because they violate the
>> standards. "These are silver discs containing music and looking like
>> CDs, but they are none." But Philips considers lawsuits as
>> unnecessary. "The consumer will take charge of this, and so the
>> market will sort this out sooner than a court can", says Petri.
>> Filing lawsuits makes not sense as well because decisions are not to
>> be expected before the patents expire this and next year, says Petri.
>> The Dutch company Philips invented the CD about 20 years ago together with
>> Sony and is now holding world-wide patents. Music industry insiders
>> estimate that there are already millions of protected CDs on the German
>> market. [...]
>> Playback protection causes problems
>> But according to consumer's rights organisations, media and complaints
>> about problems with protected CDs occur more and more frequently.
>> "You don't have the certainty that these discs will play on every
>> device", says Philips spokesperson Petri. [...]
>> Complaints in the UK
>> But Philips thinks that copy protection hits the "wrong customers".
>> Computer-Freaks and copy-raging kids already would know which
>> programs circumvent copy protection measures, said Petri. These burned
>> CDs are playable on any device again. "This leads to the absurd
>> situation that you have to copy a CD before you can play it on every
>> device." [...]
>> After massive complaints copy protection is off the table in the UK,
>> said Petri. "The retailers simply refused to sell these CDs." The
>> average CD buyer would more likely complain than deal with
>> circumvention software. "We hope that German consumers will act
>> likewise responsible."
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>> Janko Roettgers
>> roettgersATlowpass.de
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