Re: [rumori] Remixology was radio boy liner notes
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 12:06:22 PST

Jon Leidecker wrote:

> I think the 'sound' of 'found sound' has reached a saturation point.
> Mentioning this e-thread to my friend Drew, he recalled the 'bootleg
> records' that have taken London by storm this year that splice disparate
> but intact pop songs atop each other (like Whitney Houston's "Dance With
> Somebody" with Kraftwerk's "Numbers") -- these 'illegal' white labels now
> have their own NME top 10 chart. posted to Snuggles:

" 2001 was a fantastic year for good music - and one major part of that
was bootlegs. On the net, radio and magazines, bootlegs were big news.
It's something everybody can enjoy and has the DIY factor - anybody can
make a remix with just a few pieces of software. "

11 mp3's including the a for mentioned Girls On Top "I Wanna Dance with

If you like your bootleg sounds with a more hip hop flavor
here are samples from two albums which came out around 2001. [the mp3's
are not the best quality since they were pulled from WFMU's online
archives, but they give you the idea] Ted Shred's "Hip Hop Vs It All!"
and DJ Z-Trip and DJ P's "Uneasy Listening Vol. 1"

anyone else know of any more people releasing this kinda stuff?
Peter A Lopez

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