[rumori] Remix Madonna. Go on, you can do it.

From: The Evolution Control Committee (eccATpobox.com)
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 09:43:10 PST

     If you're like me, you know that worshipping Madonna's music isn't
just state mandated, it's fun too! (Just don't let Björk know.) That's why
knowing about the MADONNA REMIX CONTEST is all the more important to you,
the plagiarhythmic musician.

     If you're too excited already and just want the goods, here's a link
to the files:


     They are Windows executable (.EXE) files but are actually ZIPped and
Mac people should be able to unzip them like any file, I hope. They each
contain a number of WAV format files. The "Acid Project File" is just a
sample track and, I think, contains only duplicates of files from the other
files for each song, save for the Acid-sequenced sample track.

     The contest is the bastard child of parents Warner Brothers and
AcidPlanet/Sonic Foundry. You can start at the front page
(http://madonna.acidplanet.com/) and read the details and contest rules and
so on. If you think you might actually make a real track and submit it, you
have only until JANUARY 31, 2002. For ease of submission you can upload
your entry online, and you can also listen to other entrants' remixes.
There are 1,000 to choose from.

     The winner will get to have sex with Madonna, or cash equivalent.

- Mark G.

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