[rumori] Comic Book Copy Write Issue - boring.

Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 16:04:54 PST

There is a comic book called Cerebus by Dave Sim which could be in for a
copy write issue. In his most recent comic, he states that he received
another authors work in the past and liked the writing, which he then
worked into his comic several years later. If this author comes forward
he states that he will give the author a check for $100. It hasn't been
confirmed yet why the issue is not being sent to stores, but it is two
weeks late and it would seem that this issue of copy write has
prohibited it from being sold. Subscribers have received copies, but
not comic book stores. anyone heard of anything like this before, where
the person who reused, offers their own payment after releasing the

a community debate started here:
and moved elsewhere...
and the Cerebus message group on yahoo.com
if your interested, but everything at this point is underinformed about
the specifics.

Dave Sim's work is know for parody, he has spent the last few years
dealing with the Hemmingways, previous Oscar Wilde & F Scott Fitzgerald
and many many comic book personalities, have been worked into the
Cerebus storyline.

and since we haven't mentioned the Phantom Edit in a few weeks here's
the new headache for Lucasfilm:
Court refuses to block sale of Star Wars porn parody

Peter A Lopez

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