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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 08:05:39 PST

 My quesion about Osymyso hearing Plexure was a rhetorical one. I
was fairly certain myself that he had. But I was rather amazed
that someone who'd heard Plexure would do a piece like his
"Introspection", which is basically the same idea. It's Plexure
you can dance to. But don't get me wrong, I LOVE his other

Hey, it also reminds me of "Chartsweep". Anybody heard that?
the first few seconds of every #1 hit, starting in the 50s.
Very funny. I think that predates Plexure too. Of course Plexure
goes much further, is more of a creative, transformative work.
Chartsweep is more like a catalog, not even a piece of art, or
a purely conceptual piece.


on Tue, 22 Jan 2002 Mark / Negativland told me:

>Steev -
>Osymyso, mentioned below as one of the "bootleggers" has sampled from
>Negativland. And he sent us his reelases himslef, so we could hear them. I
>like his stuff. Wierd, but very cinematic. ANd I'd love to hear what we he
>is up to now.
>So, yes, he probably knows Oswalds stuff.
>At 11:56 PM -0800 1/21/02, Don Joyce wrote:
>>These are blatant COMBININGS of various very pop tunes into one new track,
>>now for sale as "bootlegs" in the dance scene.
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>>>Subject: [rumori] more on "bootlegs"
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>>>been thinking more about, and listening to bootlegs, as discussed
>>>several days ago here.
>>>one thing i find very interesting is the way they're always
>>>presented as x VS y - like it's a fight. very macho, agressive,
>>>isn't it. The image of the members of The Strokes actually
>>>beating up Christine Aguilera keeps flashing through my mind. Or
>>>George Michael and Missy Elliot just slapping each other for
>>>hours. (good idea for a video?)
>>>second, they're mostly pretty fun to listen to, though the ones
>>>where i don't recognize (much less have heard of)
>>>the 2 sources just sound like pop music.
>>>third, it's very discouraging that they've come to be called
>>>"bootlegs". bootleg traditionally has meant an unauthorized,
>>>for-sale copy of an entire work, unaltered, just dub it, repress
>>>it, wrap it up and sell it. these new thingies
>>>have a minimal amount of transformation done to them, but they
>>>are not just copies, they did involve SOME creativity to choose
>>>and juxtapose the 2 source songs. calling them bootlegs all but
>>>admits that they're morally equivalent to pirating entire works,
>>>when in actuality they belong in a pretty much new, fuzzy-grey
>>>fourth, I wonder what Oswald thinks of this phenomenon? and
>>>particularly of Osymyso's "Introspection" (and has Osymyso ever
>>>listened to "Plexure"?)
>>>last, someone mentioned that Z-trip/DJ P record - I was pretty
>>>much totally disappointed by that. especially after all the
>>>rhetoric on the packaging about how it's some sort of mindblowing
>>>revolutionary music. don't believe the hype.
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