Re: [rumori] "bootlegs" vs. "scratch video"

From: emile zile (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 22:50:32 PST

hello rumorists - following the long thread into the sunlight of
de-lurker status .. .. ..

> What about that old "scratch video" "movement" from a few years back? I
> had
> read about it, but never seen problem I always thought
> was
> the impossibility of overdubbing (interleaving) images, as opposed to
> the
> simplicity of merging two audio tracks....

firstly, it is simple to merge 2 or 30 video tracks using transistions or
cross-disolves .. although using mechanical editing suites in the 1980s was not
as time-efficient as non-linear desktop editing
.. .. .. [is this what you mean?]

my understanding of scratch video isn't related to a fusion of turnatblism and
video editing - it is scratching the surface of mass-media imagery that is being
referred to - an example in the library here, a german scratch video splicing
ron reagan into a western - ron reagan calling troops to war - ron reagan
standing behind a podium, trees in background, another camera angle, trees turn
into ICBMs .. very agit-prop, eisenstein in 1989 .. ..

an aside: bill clinton is looking very old

another: mike patton will be a very interesting senior citizen

_ ez []

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