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Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 09:35:18 PST

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Not Flash, or in English but along the lines you're talking about.

Can't find the page with an explanation of the process but I had it
copied down in another email:

The subtitles are swedish, but are supposed to be phonetically the
same as what the guy is saying. Translated they mean:

"Daler och det hemliga vapnet" = 'Daler and the secret weapon' (of
the talibans, but that's just implied later)

"Han teleporterar Taliban" = "He's teleporting Talmbans"

"Yeah, han dr en mjdkig mjdkig en" = 'Yeah, he is a feeble, feeble
person' (Bush referring to Bin Laden)

"Dsch, han har ett mesigt gdng" = 'Pfft, he's got a weak posse' (Bin
Laden referring to Bush)

"Yes, fast han sunkar fett igen" = actually pretty untranslateable,
since it's really awful swedish but approximately 'Yes, but he truly
sucks again' (Bush about Bin Laden again)

"Du dr full med rdttighet" = 'You're full of righteousness' (this is
a slight in-joke referring to the usual Kung Fu movies, whose
translations include the word righteousness in about every
sentence)(Blair to Bush)

"Och med jacka och hagel i hdl" = 'And with a jacket and buckshot in
his heels'

"Kommer Yassir och avrdttar dig" = 'Yassir comes and executes you'

"Hon stjdl min cigarr ej hdr" = 'She doesn't steal my cigar here'
(this is where it gets totally incoherent)

"Och Gunnar ndr rdcker det?" = 'And Gunnar, when is it enough?'
(equally weird)

Kevan Shea

"Industrious people create industry.
Lazy people create civilization."
- --Hideo Nakamura

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> i've seen a trend in Flash animation around the web
> that i've just realized is a sort of cultural recycling.
> it might not be new to some of you but i'm sort of late to the
> Flash appreciation party.
> anyway, the way it goes is: take a song and listen to it, but
> purposely "mishear" the lyrics. then make visual accompaniment
> based on those new lyrics. perhaps i could coin the phrase
> "noisy intertextuality" to describe this phenomenon. I remember
> there being a type of poem with the same method - take a poem in
> one language, and phonetically write a new poem with words in a
> different language that sounds like the original. anyone remember
> the name of this type of poetry?
> hilarious flash examples:
> ( a "Destiny's Child video" )
> (this one also has a conceptual resemblance to the All
> Your Base phenomenon)
> if anyone has more partcularly good examples, send 'em in.
> smh
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