[rumori] new scientist magazine copyleft experiment

From: Mark Blacklock (mark.blacklockATntlworld.com)
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 05:23:31 PST

From: New Scientist <reedsciencATProcessRequest.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 05:49:53 -0600
To: <mark.blacklockATntlworld.com>
Subject: Copyleft: The Great Giveaway

Good ideas are worth money, so why are people giving them away for
free? Join our experiment to find out.

This week, New Scientist is doing something no other mainstream
magazine has - publishing an article under what's known as a

We're helping test one of the boldest ideas of our time. The outcome
is up to you. To read the article, go to
www.newscientist.com/hottopics/copyleft on NewScientist.com. There,
you can provide feedback, copy the article, redistribute it, modify
or reissue it, without worrying that you?ve violated our copyright.

The article itself is about an idealistic movement called "open
sourcing", which is all about free circulation of knowledge - an
emerging alternative to growing corporate power and restrictive
property rights. Open source is covered by a special licence called
the copyleft, which grants as much freedom as possible, as long as
you too release your version under the same copyleft terms and

In software, open source is an undoubted success. Now some of its
supporters are trying out its methods elsewhere. Already there's
open source music, open source encyclopaedias, open source law, even
open source soft drinks.

We welcome your feedback on the concept, and input into the article
itself. No-one's really sure what the benefits of this experiment
will be, but if it works it could mean profound changes in
publishing, technology, music, even consumer products.

Kind regards

Alun Anderson
New Scientist

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