[rumori] Fwd: [Copyright's_Commons] Newsflash: Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Eldred v. Ashcroft

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 09:03:50 PST

>The Supreme Court announced today that it has granted certiorari in the
>Eldred v. Ashcroft case challenging the constitutionality of the Sonny Bono
>Copyright Term Extension Act. This marks an important step in the ongoing
>effort to reduce the nearly unlimited protection Congress has given
>copyright holders. Although the battle is far from over, this morning's
>news means that at least four members of the Court feel the CTEA raises
>important constitutional questions. A date for oral arguments has not yet
>been set.
>For this morning's coverage in the New York Times, see
>(registration required).
>And for a complete archive of arguments made and briefs filed, visit
>Copyright's Commons

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