[rumori] Extension of Time Period for Notice and Rulemaking Comments

From: Ken (kenzoATfree-music.com)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 20:55:49 PST

You STILL have to send 10 paper copies, but...

>from the Copyright Office:
>The Copyright Office is extending the time period for filing
>comments on its notice of proposed rulemaking concerning
>requirements by which copyright owners will receive
>reasonable notice of the use of their works from digital
>transmission services and how records of such use will be
>kept and made available to copyright owners. See NewsNet 149
>(February 12), 67 FR 5761, or the Copyright Office website.
>Comments (originally due by March 11) are now due no later
>than April 5, 2002, and reply comments (originally due April
>8) are now due April 26, 2002.

- Ken
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