[rumori] Fwd: [Xchange] Steven Clift: Death of U.S. Internet Radio?

From: shannon o'neill (aliasATaliasfrequencies.org)
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 02:54:09 PST

>From: geert lovink <geertATdesk.nl>
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>Subject: [Xchange] Steven Clift: Death of U.S. Internet Radio?
>Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 09:50:59 +1100
>From: "Steven Clift" <cliftATPUBLICUS.NET>
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>Take a look at <http://www.saveinternetradio.org> and follow
><http://doc.weblogs.com> and other web loggers on the subject of CARP
>or the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel. More from the recording
>industry <http://www.riaa.org/Licensing-Licen-3a.cfm>.
>A text clip below makes it clear that most Internet radio stations, even
>online versions of traditional broadcasters with music, in the U.S. will
>close because of costs.
>Here is where the issue of fees for streaming songs came from
><http://news.com.com/2100-1023-217284.html?tag=bplst>. And news and
>activism from today <http://www.kurthanson.com/> and from Slashdot
>You can observe webcasters in their natural online environment here
><http://www.broadcast.net/pipermail/webcasting/> and
> >From an online activism stand point the Saveinternetradio site and sites
>like <http://www.digitalconsumer.org> need to ratchet up their e-mail
>activist alert efforts and begin identifying supporters by geography
>(congressional district) in order to have any real political impact. The
>Net may be global but politics starts local.
>My questions - how does this impact streaming in/from other countries?
>Will this lead to a major split in the kinds of music streamed on the
>Internet where royalty-free music dominates hobbyist streams and the
>vast catalogs of past recordings owned by record companies will only find
>a place on traditional broadcast radio? Will the unintended consequence
>of this lead to a new paradigm where a minor league of music essentially
>gives stuff away and only the best (I imagine some sort of Internet music
>chart) get grabbed up by the recording industry? Or will this change the
>economics so dramatically such that new bands with talent find a way to
>survive and make money without a major recording contract? No clue. I am
>an e-democracy guy.
>Steven Clift
>Democracies Online
>Listening to Jazz with Winamp <http://www.winamp.com> via Shoutcast
><http://www.shoutcast.com/waradio.phtml> perhaps for the last time?!
>Here is a bit from the home page of Saveinternetradio:
>The CARP decision:
>Most Webcasters had hoped that the CARP's recommended royalty rate would
>be based on a percentage of revenues somewhere between the 15% of
>revenues that the RIAA had been asking of Webcasters and the 3% that
>Webcasters had proposed (which would be more in line with their ASCAP,
>BMI, and SESAC royalties to composers).
>On February 20, 2002, however, the CARP arbitrators issued their
>recommendation .14 per song per listener for Internet-only webcasters,
>.07 per song per listener for broadcast radio simulcasts, and .02 per song
>per listener for non-commercial radio simulcasts.
>CARP rate implications:
>While CARP's proposed royalty rate might be manageable for Internet radio
>properties owned by multi-billion-dollar corporations like AOL, Yahoo!,
>and Microsoft, it seems as if it will effectively bankrupt the vast
>majority of Webcasters.
>For example, for a mid-sized independent webcaster (e.g., two or three
>people working out of a home office or dorm room) that has had, say, an
>average audience of 1,000 listeners for the past three years, the bill for
>retroactive royalties -- which will come due sometime early this summer if
>the CARP rate recommendation is approved -- would be $525,600!
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