[rumori] Re: Soulwax Clearance

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 18:28:32 PST

on Wed, 20 Mar 2002 pl1xATearthlink.net told me:

>The new Soulwax "album is out on monday the 18th, so it's probably out
>when you're reading this. its the first album of its kind that i know of

crap, i'll probably go buy this just beause i have to. sigh.

on one level i applaud the obssessive documentation they've done
with their site. crazy. on another level the whole excercise
seems like an excercise in hyperconsumption, especially after
reading that other article about sampling as big money maker. it
further normalizes the notion that we must pay, and pay through
the nose, and supplicate ourselves to the Owners of Culture in
order to re-use what is ours already. bullshit.

it's interesting to compare this soulwax project with the
re-release of Plunderphonic:

on one hand we have this trendy group that does some fairly
unsophisticated juxtapositions of various pop songs and has
access to enough money to do it legally. in the end it's just
another pop album, and in a few months the album will be on on
the trash heap of history and forgotten like most other pop

on the other hand we have this composer who's been a cult idol
for 12 years and people are still desparately searching for his
outlawed work which still sounds totally amazing and which no one
has still really been able to match, yet he had to once again go
underground and against the letter of the law to get it
out there to the fans who've been waiting a decade for it.

the world is truly not fair.

final observation in the form of a question: why the HELL does DJ
culture so invariably feature the most extreme and undeserved
immodesty EVER of any form of culture that i've ever seen

" it took seven long days and nights to cut, edit, mix and
re-edit it all together and it fucking rocks!"

oh boy. 7 whole days? maybe spend an extra day next time just
getting over yourselves, guys. please.


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