Re: [rumori] dictionaraoke and the calculus of mp3s

From: Every Man (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 19:05:52 PST

If this is the case, then this project will only do more and more
good for the cause of recycled media artists, as the site is only
growing in the number of "pop artist" names mp3 and web spiders
can find. Also, probably not a MAJOR disappointment to those
who are fans of any of the said artists. I'm sure several of them
are making their own CDR's of this stuff to play for their friends
over a beer. It's not a total deconstruction, but there's no rule
saying all recycled media has to be. (I DO hope I'm using the
word "recycled" properly. We're talking about taking boring
talking dictionary voices and making them the vocals on top
of otherwise boring MIDI tunes. Trash turns into treasure.)

According to some college student guest on Tech TV's Silicon
Spin, these mp3's were being playing super loud from his campus
dorm room to battle his next door neighbor who was playing the
REAL songs. That same week, Dictionaraoke was mentioned
on their Screen Savers show for the 2nd time.

*sigh* The got the net at my campus the year AFTER I graduated.

At 04:33 PM 4/2/2002 -0800, Steev wrote:
>on Tue, 2 Apr 2002 Pan told me:
>I think mp3s are super super popular, whatever they are,
>especially if they get any sort of press and especially if their
>names are the names of popular songs or can be confused in any
>way shape or form for popular songs.
>a bunch of mp3 spiders consistently think a Mystery Tape track on
> is a song by Ja Rule. I have no idea why, the file
>name is simply "WX11.mp3", but it accounts still for many
>gigabytes of downloads every week. crazy.
>this, btw, is the principle behind the ECC's "napster bomb"

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