From: Dr. Webb (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 21:23:43 PST

I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to help annoy Steev.

Fuck Snuggles!

(Imagine, though... if somebody found Dictionaraoke when doing a search for,
oh, let's say...Ja Rule. While there, they clicked on the ''
link... ended up listening to some mpeg1-layer3's, maybe one from the album
that, like Ja Rule, LOOKED like a U2 record but actually was a subversive

They have an epiphany like I did when I first heard 'Helter Stupid', end up
buying some damn tapes so Don can get his Omnitronic CD Recorder-thus making
his output easier to archive, mass produce, and especially make more
marketable to his little frothpit of fandom known as Snuggles. Then we all
win from this.

They might even find a link to, and send you some love and get
turned on to Wobbly , ECC, and all of the amazing groups and people at your
site, including that grumpy Steev dude. In fact, because of all this, I just
looked through your site and dig it quite a bit(and it makes this list make
a LOT more sense). One for the FAQ, though: why aren't Negativland listed as
detrivores? They seem to fit the bill.

enjoying my first and last post ever to rumori,

Dr. Webb


p.s. Chris Ball, I havent listened to Dictionaraoke in months, but I'm glad
I downloaded your track. It's going in my DJ set. I can't resist. The voices
are too perfect!

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