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From: Paulukonis, Michael (RHD-DUN) ("Paulukonis,)
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 05:15:29 PST

I've downloaded some of those dictionaraoke tracks, as well as far too many
of those cross-dressing "bootlegs." Instead of just being a collection of
silly songs, both genres speak to me about the possibility of home-based
remixing & the potential for radical re-interpretation of existing music.
Yeah, it's been done way back to thedawn of time "oswald did it first" etc
etc etc. But, lessee, HOW many people are involved in the dictionaraoke
project? and in the last few months the amount of people churning out (which
sometimes is the right word) those "bootleg" tracks is swelling
exponentially. Sure, it'll never be equal to the number of people that jsut
want to napsterize the latest original Britney Spears track, but it's

or at least not decaying, unless all the media attention dried it up.

sure, it may be "safer" culture jamming, but it's still jamming.

-the Other Michael
"The revolution will NOT go better with Coke."
    --Gil Scott-Heron

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No really, I'd be curious to get people's opinions on this project. I'm
personally not really into it (though I do host the files). It got old
during the second song. However, the thing has grown like wild fire.
We're still serving 2 gigs of MP3's a day -- since last fall. Over time,
those are some pretty substantial numbers. Why is something so cheesy so

I would posit that it's "safe" culture jamming. It doesn't really bring
up any specific cultural issues other than a general "We could get sued
to redoing these songs". I suppose if you take the info on the website
into account, there is some substance. However, on their own the songs
don't really bring up any issues. John Q. Public just hears silly songs.

Anyone want to comment?

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