[rumori] Stop Culture Jamming!!!!

From: Frank Awesome (frankawesomeAThotmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 11:40:44 PST

This idea gives me a great idea! Start a poster campaign to "Stop Culture
Jamming" backed by cable television advertisements to play on MTV and other
relevent networks.

Depending on what town you live in, local cable advertising is pretty
reasonable. Plaster the town with the flyers (ala. Gary Coleman Posse or
Yuppie Takeover) and about a few weeks later run the commercials.

It's basically "Culture Jamming" under the guise of "Stopping Culture

Why am I talking about it here? I should go to RTMark.

Going South,
Frank Awesome

> > I would posit that it's "safe" culture jamming.
>how "safe" is any form of culture jamming?
>big question. anybody want to pool funds to hire a PR firm to gauge public
>sentiment to CJ?
>is a street poster campaign "safe" because it goes up in "bohemian"
>neighborhoods - who is the "converted" anyway ? everyone is implicated ..

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