Re: [rumori] John Watermann 19.2.1935 - 2.4.2002

From: Michael Howes (
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 23:15:50 PST

>The artist John Watermann
>died last night AT 5:50pm
>Brisbane time, 2.4.2002,
>Ward 4B Royal Brisbane Hospital
> From infection associated
>with myeloma.

  I've never really know anything about Watermann. but he was one of my
first exposures to sample based music.
Yea how do you discover one of the lesser knowns first? Chance I guess.

  To this day I know very little about him or his releases. I know what
I've heard, which is the 4 releases I have of his, 2 of which would make my
all time favorite list.

I still enjoy "Ambiguity" and "Babell #1" a LOT.....and "Dummyhead" and
"Raum 312" are worth a listen for sure.

I even wrote him years back and we exchanged some super boring email....I
never did find out if he ever performed or if he had other releases.

He's one of the bigger mysteries in my record collection....him and Walter
Ruttman (sp?) who I've loved for years but have one release and know
nothing about.

anyone want to fill me in on who these two are/were? I have "Weekend" from
Ruttman but that's it.....


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